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3 Important Reasons Why You Should Let Us Clean Your Home

1. You have better things to do with your time.

Perhaps it's time you joined the millions of American households who have turned to professional home cleaning services. Your time is a valuable thing and life is too short to clean. Think about it this way: hiring GreenStar will help save you 4 to 6 hours a week from cleaning. There are 52 weeks per year -- that adds up to over 200 hours per year, or, over 5 working weeks! Imagine what you could do with the extra time!

2. You may be living in a toxic home.

If you use conventional all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and chlorine bleach you are polluting your home! All these products are classified as household hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency. GreenStar not only cleans your home, we also work with you to detox your environment. We use products certified by Green Seal�and GreenGuard®. These products are as effective as conventional cleaning products -- and are non-toxic, bio-degradable, natural, concentrated, and hypoallergenic. We believe in a safe, powerful and GREEN clean.

3. A perfect cleaning every time or it's free plus we'll send an equal amount to your favorite charity.

We are so confident that you will experience the GreenStar difference, love our service and recommend us to your family and friends that we stand behind our "Perfect Clean" guarantee 200%. If it's not perfect we'll refund your money and send the same amount to your favorite charity. See our FAQ page for more information about our guarantee.
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